About Cat Country Resort LLC

As the leading Cat Boarding facility in Whatcom Country, Washington. Cat Country Resort LLC has built a strong reputation based on honesty, professional care and exceptional customer service. At Cat Country Resort LLC we know only the best will suffice for your beloved pet and we continually strive to ensure our dedicated staff are trained in the best care for you cat.

Our top of the line boarding facility at Cat Country Resort LLC in the Bellingham area in Whatcom Country, Washington is equipped with spacious suites and a large indoor fun play area so your pet gets the exercise and play they need, as well as their suite to rest and relax in. Each guest receives individual care and attention from out trained professionals, so that your pet is comfortable and well cared for during their stay with us. We also know that nutrition is important to your pet’s health and we provide a wide range of options for each pet, depending on their needs.

Our staff at cat Country resort LLC is dedicated to serving the Bellingham community and their cats and are always available to answer questions about any of our services. Feel free to contact us today.

Boarding Policies

  • Reservation required to ensure availability.
  • To facilitate a quick check-in & check-out, appointments for drop off & pick up are required.
  • Three day minimum stay required, shorter visits can be negotiated.
  • A full day’s boarding will be assessed on the day your pet arrives. There will be no charge for the day of departure if pick-up is before our 11 am check-out time.
  • All pets must be free of fleas and any contagious conditions.
  • All pets will be checked for fleas, if fleas are found, your pet will receive a flea treatment at an additional $20.00 charge.
  • All pets over the age of six months must be spayed or neutered.
  • When arriving or departing, your pet must be using an approved carrier or harness


  • Administration of medication 2$ per dose. No charge, if administered in food or pill pocket.
  • Diabetic Care $3.00 per shot per day.

Additional Features:

  • Additional Supervised Play or Brushing: 10 minutes $10

Vaccination Policy

Cat Country Resort LLC requires that all cats be:
  • Current on their FVRCP and Rabies Vaccinations.
  • We recommend your cat be vaccinated for feline leukemia, but do not require it.


At Cat Country Resort we work hard to gain our guests’ trust and by doing so we can build a relationship. Once this bond has been created, your cat will never forget us and when they return our friendship will continue as if they never left. All cats are different and so creating this bond can take a day or several days, depending on their personality. Each guest will have different likes and needs, some will want a lot of affection, while others would prefer small amounts. They will let us know what they want, by talking to us and body language. If we are not paying attention to their body language, then their claws and teeth will definitely get our attention!! If a guest has to resort to these measures, we consider this our fault, we should be paying attention!

Each morning around 8 am and evening around 10 pm we check on each guest to make sure they are comfortable and well. We say “good morning” to the guest and say their name, they always answer, on occasion we get a growl from a new guest but mostly we get a meow. This is repeated each evening when we turn off the lights for the night. Each guest gets to have fun in the fun-time-play area twice a day. We do not mix families. While we are cleaning the guest suite they are encouraged to play in the play area. This is good for the guest for several reasons, exercise, stress reduction and most important - fun! While the guest is playing, we clean their suite, change their water, change their canned food and top up their dry food, shake out their blankets and we fluff up their pillows. This is done twice daily. For the shy or older guests who do not want to be at the window, or unable to jump due to age, we have a peek-a-boo box with a pillow inside; this way they feel safe and comfortable. Because of this, we do not have stressed guests at Cat Country Resort.

Some of our guests do not want to play in the play area perhaps due to shyness, or they simply like their suite and do not want to leave. For example, we have noticed that a lot of times female guests want to hang out on their window shelf. They are very content being petted and told they are the most beautiful cat in the world!! With the shy cats, we take it slowly and work on gaining their trust by being sensitive to their demeanor and observing their body language. Cats are experts in letting you know when they are happy, hungry, stressed or just feeling playful!

Our goal at Cat Country is to have every guest feel like a VIP and enjoy the full 5-Star treatment that they all deserve.