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    Complimentary: Each Pet will receive a welcome package, including toys & cat nip, in addition the following: • Premium Foods • Choice of Litter • Loving & Petting Sessions • Extra blanket upon request • Special diets happily accommodated • Peek-a-boo boxes for shy kitties Medications: • Administration of medication $2.00 per dose. No charge, if administered in food or pill pocket. • Diabetic Care $3.00 per day. Additional Features: Supervised Play Session: In our feline fun-time play area. Featuring cat trees, climbing toys and other fun cat toys! $10 for additional 10 minute playing or brushing sessions Cat Scratcher – For exercise & stress (you take home scratcher) $10/visit Bed Warmer – Warmth & comfort 24 hrs. $2/day Pick-Up & Delivery Cat Country Resort will pick-up or drop-off your cat and supply a safe cat carrier. Please call for exact pricing – Depends on mileage.